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Ira M. Bierman has over thirty years of litigation experience handling matrimonial and family law, real estate, business and commercial law, and personal injury cases.

Matrimonial and Family Law

Cases involving divorce, child support, custody and visitation are often contentious and emotionally-charged.  You need an attorney who has extensive experience with New York family laws and who is completely dedicated to passionately fighting to achieve your goals while explaining your options and keeping you apprised of the progress of your matter.  We understand that many of the disputes in matrimonial law involve difficult and often emotional circumstances, so we make every effort to aggressively represent our client’s interests while remaining sensitive to the issues at hand.  Please visit the divorce and family law page of this website for further information.

Real Estate Litigation and Transactions

The Law Offices of Ira M. Bierman represents clients in various types of real estate transactions and disputes.  We have extensive experience representing buyers or sellers at closings of commercial and residential real estate transactions.  We also represent clients in issues involving residential and commercial real estate.  We frequently represent clients from outside New York in the purchase or sale of property, and with litigation involving real estate. Ira M. Bierman is readily familiar with the local laws and ordinances pertaining to real property in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and New York City.  Please see this page for further information about residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Ira M. Bierman also has extensive experience representing clients in real estate litigation matters, and in landlord and tenant disputes.  Our office makes every attempt to reach a solution through negotiating and other alternative dispute methods; Ira M. Bierman has years of experience in handling various types of real estate disputes and has appeared before courts throughout the New York.  Please refer to this page for further information about real estate litigation.

Commercial and Business Law and Litigation

The Law Offices of Ira M. Bierman represents clients in matters relating to business and commercial law, including business and commercial litigation, contracts, breach of contract, and corporate law.  Ira M. Bierman provides comprehensive business representation, from selecting the appropriate form of entity for a new business venture, preparing and filing the appropriate documents to form your new business entity, drafting lease agreements, and negotiating and drafting your contracts.  In the business and commercial setting, disputes often arise, and the Law Office of Ira M. Bierman is also experienced in representing businesses in litigation involving breach of contract disputes.

Additionally, because Ira M. Bierman is highly experienced in both trial litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation, he provides his business clients with a variety of options to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.  For further information on how the Law Offices of Ira M. Bierman can assist your business, please see the Commercial Law page of this website.

If you are involved in a matrimonial or family law dispute, need assistance with a commercial or residential real estate matter, or seeking representation in a business or commercial law matter, or personal injury matter, the Law Offices of Ira M. Bierman has the experience and dedication to assist you.  Contact us today for a free initial phone consultation.

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